Hair Fall Control in Dog – Cause and Treatment

It’s normal for the dog to shed, but excessive shedding to bald patches or large balls of left around is an indicator for immediate treatment. Prior treatment, identification of the cause is crucial and for proper management. Some of the common etiological factors and treatments of hair fall control in dog are as mentioned below.


Alike human, a puppy may have an allergy, develops when your immune system is hypersensitive to an inhaled allergy, food allergens and contact allergies. It causes itching followed by biting and excess scratching the hair out or secondary sources. Inhaled Allergen (pollen, dust, and perfumes), parasitic) (mites and fleas), food-induced (wheat, corn, soya protein, and milk), contact allergies (chemicals and carpet) and other environmental factors. To get rid of these allergens, fundamental approaches are avoidance of the allergen and frequent washing of the pet with a dog shampoo that contains hydrocortisone. A secondary approach could be applied if not cured with a basic approach, for instance, application of anti-allergic medication. If none of these works, tertiary management is required where allergy shots (allergy specific shots) are given.

Seasonal shedding

Just like the craving for seasonal fruits and vegetables, dog shedding is seasonal. According to Wear and Tear theory, as hair grows old it sheds. Puppy typically loses its coats in the spring, which is replaced by lighter and shorter ones for summer. In the fall, this shedding reverse and fur get ready for chilly winter. No, any particular treatment is required if this is the only reason for hair fall. However, if the shed is out of control, brushing hair a couple of times a week can help to some extent. This is the temporary way of hair fall control in dog

Skin condition

Red bumps, inflamed skin, black and white patches, dandruff, itchiness, and dry skin are some common skin disorders. This skin is causing discomfort and distress, and they try to alleviate through scratching and licking. Constant friction loses to hair loss and may even bleed. Red bumps and inflamed skin can be treated with good shampoo choices like Beaphar Patina shampoo and Petben Skincare shampoo. Black and white patches can be solved by using Mocodoin shampoo and Virbac Sebolytyc shampoo. Dandruff, itchiness, and dry skin can be treated with the use of anti-dandruff shampoo. Apple cider vinegar is an immune system stimulant and also works for fungal and bacterial protection meanwhile; it can be applied throughout the body except for eye and per orbital region.

Hormonal Imbalance

The hormone is a chemical messenger in the body. Endocrine disorders like Cushing syndrome (hyperadrenocorticism), Hypothyroidism and Sex hormone imbalance leads to decreased hair growth. To restart hair growth, consult with vet nary doctor as a hormonal supplement may be required.

hair fall treatment

Pressure sores

It can be defined as a callused area on or under the skin over pressure points. It is caused by constant force and friction, trauma to the skin, and subcutaneous tissue. This pressure on the affected site of narrows blood vessels. Consequently, it leads to the declining blood supply and increases hair loss to a particular area. Elbow is the commonest part where pressure sore develops. Other parts include hips, hocks, chest, and side of the legs. Treatment varies on the depth of sore. Completion of an antibiotic course as per veterinarian along with the provision of well-padded, thick, soft, sleeping surface (air mattress) is required to prevent further complications.

Genetic causes

If your puppy has a problem of hair fall at birth or shortly after can be correlated with genetic factors. However, there is always a chance for exceptions cases and leave it unto your veterinarian for final diagnosis. Baseline test like skin cytology, blood investigations, allergy test, and test for parasites is carried out to rule out the underlying cause. One cause is confirmed as a genetic factor, no cure is accessible since the gene is irreplaceable for his lifetime.

Medical conditions

Ongoing chemotherapy, Cyclic Alopecia, Diabetes Mellitus, Erythema Multiform Estrogen responsive dermatosis, Hyperestrogenisnm, Leishmaniasis, Tumor, and Vitamin A responsive dermatosis is a list which comprises hair fall as clinical manifestation. If any of these conditions is the reason for hair loss, treatment is specific as per the disease.


Physiological reasons like stress, poor nutrition, pregnancy, and lactation also lead to an increase in hair fall. Excessive shedding requires an appointment with a vet for it.

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