How To Stop Dog From Licking Paws? Home Remedies

stop dog from licking paws

It’s common in dogs to lick their paws but excessive licking may lead to a serious problem. When it comes to serious issues, every dog owner has only one question in their mind; Are there any remedies for dog licking paws? Don’t worry, every problem has its own solution. And, Yes! There are some natural remedies for dog licking paws. But before that we must know why a dog licks their paws and what can it cause then it can be stopped.

Dog licking behavior

Well, licking is an instinctive behavior that dogs are born with. Simply, licking paws is a part of self-grooming. Most of the dogs lick their paws after a meal while settling down for a nap, or after coming in from outdoors whereas those who don’t do self-grooming them also lick their paws to clean it. So

It’s normal to lick paws but excessive licking has several reasons behind it. These include injuries, skin problems; environmental, parasite or food allergies, and boredom or anxiety.

Usually, licking is a sign of a health problem or a behavior issue. So it’s better to recognize the licking behavior on time if not it will be harmful to the dogs because constant foot licking can cause a yeast infection. Mostly yeast infection occurs in the areas that are moist and even hidden from sunlight and dogs paws are the right place for the yeast to grow as it is moist all the time and rarely exposed to sunlight. So, excessive licking paws will make paws even more moisture which causes yeast infection. It means causing even more itching, redness, swelling, and licking.

Dog licking paws remedies

Regarding the reason behind the dog licking paws, we can follow suitable remedies in order to stop a dog from licking paws.


If the licking begins suddenly and is only on one paw then you should make sure there is not any injury as when the dog feels pains they start to lick it. So if there is any injury you found; give some first aid treatment to it and the licking will stop once it’s healed.

Skin Problem

The skin problem is the outcome of environmental, parasite, or food allergies as it causes the paws to be very itchy and leads to excessive licking. If a dog is suffering from skin problems due to food allergy then provide a special diet or eliminate certain ingredients in his food according to the suggestion of the vet. In case of environmental allergy, make sure to keep the surroundings and your dog clean.

Similarly, in order to eliminate the parasite such as fleas or mange, you should consult with a veterinarian to provide treatments to it.

Secondary Infection

The licking behavior should be recognized on time and should find out an appropriate solution for it. The longer you wait, the more will be the chance of bacterial infection like yeast infection because of excessive licking. In order to relieve it, an anti-itch spray or antibiotic should be provided to your dog as prescribed by the veterinarian.

dog licking paws

Behavior Problem

Besides health problems like injuries, infection, or skin problems, dog licks their paws due to behavior reasons. Simply it’s a sign of boredom whereas some lick paws due to fear, stress, or anxiety. In order to stop, you must be more attentive, loving, and caring to the dogs and should spend more time so that it can be distracted from licking.

Some of the easiest ways are to take dogs for walks, play with them, or provide some toys to take his focus away from his paws. If in case you couldn’t spend much time with your dog then you can leave a radio or TV on to help him to feel as someone is home with him.

Similarly, you can use some tricks like rewarding the dog when they perform desired behavior like rewarding him to stop licking paws when you said “stop”. When you continue the same trick with the dog then slowly it will stop licking the paws.

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