Why Dog Eat Grass? – Reason to Know

dog eat grass

It’s quite strange if you see your dog is eating grass and it’s obvious you to be worried. And you may have several questions in your mind which you are eager to get the answer quickly. Is the dog hungry? or is he having any psychological problems? or is it harmful to him? And most important and frequently asked question why the dog eat grass?

It’s common behavior of dogs to eat grass and they love having it. So, you can rest assured. Still, as an owner, you may be insecure for your dog especially if you watch your dog is eating grass and vomiting. To know the reason behind it, you must have a proper understanding of why dogs eat grass?

Why My Dog is Eating Grass? 

Different dogs have different reasons for eating grass. Some dogs eat grass when they don’t feel well and vomit right after having it whereas in most of the cases they don’t vomit but they feel better than before. Similarly, some eat grass due to upset stomach or due to boredom or anxiety and some eat grass because of its taste and also it contains some fiber which can fulfill the nutritional need of the dog. So, let’s go through the detail to know more about it.

Illness And Vomiting 

It’s most likely to think for the owner that the reason behind eating grass is the sign of illness.

But, illness is not the exact reason for it as most of the dog eat grass even when they are healthy.

Only in some cases, dogs eat grass when they aren’t well and some vomit right after eating it whereas some don’t.

 Well if there is frequent vomiting, it’s the matter of being concerned so you must consult with a veterinarian.

Upset Stomach 

When a dog is having an upset stomach, most of them eat grass to soothe their stomach and try to induce vomiting to feel better. The most common symptoms of upset stomach in dogs are diarrhea and vomiting.

The moment you realize that your dog is having an upset stomach; visit your vet, sooner the better as it may be more serious when there is an increment of discomfort, vomiting, diarrhea, or weakness.

Normal Dog Behavior 

Another reason for dog eating grass is normal dog behavior. It’s pretty common for a dog to eat grass. Most of the dogs eat grass just because of its good taste and some eat to make up for a nutritional deficiency as the grass contains the source of fiber.

dog eat grass

If you want to control the dog eating grass you can change the dog diet into some high fiber dog food or you can simply put some natural herbs or cooked vegetables into his diet.

Bored, Stressed or Anxious 

Even we human beings try to do something interesting or new when we are bored, stressed, or anxious. So, it’s natural for a dog if he eats grass when he is bored, stressed, or anxious.

Whereas, some dogs eat grass to get their owner attention or when they feel they are neglected. Which is also a psychological issue and if it’s the case then you can take the dog for a walk or spend more time with him by playing with him. You can simply provide some toys or your old clothes so that he won’t feel alone.

Are you still worried about your dog? 

Well it should be cleared by now why dog eat grass and again if you are worried about your dog safety then simply you can make a dog-safe space. It means don’t use any pesticides or any harmful chemical in your yard and even if you are taking your dog outside make sure your dog doesn’t eat any grass which you think is harmful. Similarly, you should make sure your dog doesn’t eat weed as it is easily found which can bring several problems to dogs. So if you found any weed in your yard then removed it.

Similarly, you can provide a treat to the dog for not eating grass and try to distract him whenever he tries to eat grass then you can finally be relaxed.

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