10 high fashion pet accessories for your stylish dog

The world of pet fashion and accessories is getting interesting, and more extravagant by the day. According to projections for 2020-2025 from Euromonitor International, the market for pet products globally, excluding food, will grow by more than $10 billion. After that, it is said to hit $36.89 billion.

Let me give you an example. My large, yet 1/4th of my size, Dogo Argentino’s raincoat cost me three times more than mine. And all it has is a square fabric covering his back, a hoodie, and two Velcro straps to keep it together. Despite the Rs. 2,500 outfit, he returns home from his walks wet and dirty.

This raincoat, however, is a poor man’s choice compared to what the likes of Gucci, Hermès, Prada, Versace, Louis Vuitton, Moschino and other big brands, have launched over the last two years. Here’s a quick pick of some of the most fashionable and perhaps a little audacious things you can get for your pet.

A still from the Gucci 2022 pet collection campaign 

A still from the Gucci 2022 pet collection campaign
(As seen on the Gucci website)

Gucci 2022 pet collection

Gucci’s 2022 pet collection has an ivory and black bed for $7,500 (approximately Rs. 5,99,679). Crafted from cotton with the emblematic Herbarium print, this is certainly an uber-luxe buy just like all other clothes, pet collars, furry caps, beds and royal-looking bowls in the Italian brand’s newest collection for pets. They have a red coat with quilted cotton for $810 (approximately Rs. 64,765).

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This one takes the cake — a beige and ebony GG Supreme canvas brown Demetra trim (Gucci-created luxury material that combines quality, softness, durability, and scalability with an environmentally conscious ideology), and crafted from animal-free raw materials that are primarily from sustainable, renewable, and bio-based sources with gold-toned hardware that has wooden trim with studs, a detachable key-holder, clasp closure, made-in-Italy travel bowl set. Yes, just a set of bowl to put food and water for your pet while travelling, is for $4,250 (approximately Rs. 3,39,818). What’s special is that the product can be personalised with a bespoke engraving at a Gucci boutique.

Pagerie’s leather harness

The Los Angeles-based Pagerie, launched in November 2020, identifies itself as an ultra-luxury fashion house for pets, which also delivers its fine wares to India. One of the most sought-after items of the brand is their all-leather harness, named The Colombo. Available in shades of black, beige and brown, the harness’ leather is REACH certified (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals, a certification which provide a high level of protection of human health and the environment from the use of chemicals) and the harness has stainless steel hardware. All your goofy dogs will look like absolute gentlemen is this accessory, which will set you back by $680 (Approximately Rs. 54,370).

The Moschino biker jacket is made from 100% Polyurethane.

The Moschino biker jacket is made from 100% Polyurethane.
(On the Moschino website)

Moschino’s biker jacket

Moschino launched its first-ever pet collection in November 2021, which has T-shirts, biker jackets, trench coats and accessories. This black, biker jacket, made from 100% Polyurethane has stylish zip closures and the Moschino logo at the back. It’s priced at $605 (approximately Rs. 48,272). Go, get your pooch dressed for your next biking trip.

Louis Vuitton dog collar

Louis Vuitton takes the dog fashion game several notches higher with its natural cowhide, mongrammed canvas dog collar and leash, price of which is only disclosed on request. The collar also has a miniature luggage tag that can be hot-stamped with the pet’s initials. Now that’s for an ultimately stylish stroll.

The fleece lined jacket comes in two colours.

The fleece lined jacket comes in two colours.
(From the Polo Ralph Lauren website)

Polo Ralph Lauren’s barn jacket

If you think that pet fashion is limited, you are absolutely wrong. There are T-shirts, caps, hats, tuxedos and even barn jackets. By definition, a barn jacket is an informal style of jacket, originally designed for doing rough work outside, made of strong material that protects the wearer against rain. But this $125 (approximately Rs. 9,994) Polo Ralph Lauren jacket is definitely not for pets who have to rough it out. Featuring a quilted construction and a warm fleece lining, this one has decorative snaps, patch pockets, and a functional belt. If you are going to have a wine-tasting soiree in the French vineyards, dress your doggo in this.

Fendi plastic bag holder

Every pet parent knows how necessary is the tiny poop bag holder that is clipped to your dog collar. It’s basic and simple, but not for Italian high fashion brand Fendi. Their tiny, cylindrical bag holder with logo clip and snap closure is as fancy as it gets. The accessory’s fabric has the brand’s iconic FF motif in brown and tobacco and leather details with Palladium-finish metalware. It cost $390 (approximately Rs. 31,183)

The Prada dog raincoat comes with the iconic enamelled metal triangle logo, 

The Prada dog raincoat comes with the iconic enamelled metal triangle logo,
(As seen on the Prada website)

Prada raincoats

Devils, no, Dogs wear Prada. Inspired by the designs of the men’s and women’s collections from this Italian fashion house, this nylon dog raincoat has a hood and elasticised trim, and is decorated with the iconic enamelled metal triangle logo, appearing for the first time on trunks designed by brand’s founder Mario Prada in 1913. Price on request.

Hermès carrying bag for dogs

Now, now, why should you carry your million-dollar pup in anything less than ordinary? Hermès mad-in-France, airline cabin-approved pet carry bag is made of a water-resistant and breathable fabric, eyelet ventilation and has zip closures on the sides. Priced at $2,750 (approximately Rs. 21,985).

This pendant has 85 hand-mounted diamonds in it.

This pendant has 85 hand-mounted diamonds in it.
(From the Richie & Paws website)

Richie & Paws diamond pendant

This Australian brands makes special jewellery for pets with real diamonds and stones. Their round signature white diamond pendant features 85 hand-mounted white diamonds set in white gold, all pavé set. It will only set you back by AUD 1,190 (approximately Rs. 65,737).

The hexagonal Barocco pet bed

The hexagonal Barocco pet bed
(As seen on the Versace website)

Versace’s pet bed

This one is for a whopping Rs. 1,36,200. Versace’s large-size, hexagonal Barocco pet bed features a faint textural logo motif interior and Barocco-print in the exterior. It’s made of cotton and polyester, and surely meant for pets born with all the luck in the world.

Riddhi Doshi is a Mumbai-based writer, a Kathak student and a first-time pet parent

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