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It is always heartwarming to see videos of people adopting dogs and cats. It becomes even more emotional when the pet is a senior as they find it hard to get a new home. Like this video posted on Instagram that shows a family that adopted a 13-year-old cat and how the cat adjusted to its new home.

The video was posted by the Instagram account hernameisginnyofficial, which is a cat account, on April 19. It has got more than 4.59 lakh views so far. “One year ago, we rescued 13-year-old Ginny. At first she wasn’t thrilled about it. But eventually she relaxed enough for us to pet her (under the couch). By the second day, she came out of hiding. We could instantly tell she had a lot of love to give. She was so happy. She kept giving us her belly and making bread in the air. She quickly adjusted to her new home and lifestyle. She made our house a home and the two of us a family,” says the text on the video. The video shows the cat when it was adopted a year ago. It is seen sitting inside the cage and it was reluctant to come out. Then the cat came out of its hiding after two days. The cat adjusted to her new home and lifestyle and is seen lying comfortably on a couch.

“Our story is a happy one,” says the caption of the video.

Watch the video below:

“Love hearing stories of people adopting senior cats!! I tried to adopt a senior cat during quarantine, but apparently everyone had the same idea so all the seniors were snatched up quick! So I kept looking and I found a sweet little injured cat that everyone kept passing up and decided he was the one for me!” commented an Instagram user. “She looks like she judging you but it’s the opposite lmao,” commented another. “I just love her so much! I adopted a 10-year-old last year! She’s not as impressed with me as I am with her! And we have kitten a friend found so that’s fun for them both,” wrote another user.

The cat named Ginny has over 57,000 followers on Instagram.

What do you think about this adorable cat?

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