70 Best Gifts for Cat Lovers 2023

Photo-Illustration: The Strategist; Photo: Retailer

With a reputation for being temperamental loners indifferent to human affection, cats have long played second fiddle in public opinion to man’s best friend, the simple-minded dog. But cats have won the internet, as some famous felines (Suki, the Dark Lord) have more followers on Instagram and command higher appearance fees than the average B-list celebrity.

While it might be second nature to tag your cat-loving friends in a cat meme every now and then, it can be baffling to buy an actual gift for a cat parent now that there are more cat-themed items available than ever before. With help from experts — including animal-behavior specialists and pet-store owners — we’ve sifted through the vast world of cat products to find the very best gifts for cat lovers, including some favorites we’ve found in our own years as cat parents.

Yeowww! Catnip Toy

For years we’ve wondered why every cat we’ve ever known was obsessed with this catnip filled banana. Nora Wood, adoption-event coordinator for Anjellicle Cats, a New York-based all-volunteer cat rescue and nonprofit with foster homes throughout the five boroughs, told us it’s the “best catnip toy” because it’s the “perfect shape” for cats to sniff, snuggle, and kick, and it’s better than “lots of crap catnip out there.” We’ve had cats with very different interests and personalities, and all of them have gnawed on the banana until it’s covered in drool.

Colorado Kitty Pot Purssian Pizza Kitty Pot Munchie Toy
Very Good Deal

Tazz Latifi, owner of pet-supply store and grooming parlor Petropolis in lower Manhattan, called Colorado Kitty Pot “one of my favorite companies” for their “amazing catnip toys,” and because “they give a lot of their money away to animal shelters and rescue.” She said even cats that aren’t usually interested in catnip go crazy for it. The cute “munchie” shapes (there are also taco and cookie versions) are adorably Instagrammable when paired with a loopy-looking cat indulging in some ’nip.

Cat Kickers - Set of 3 Catnip Toys

These stylish kicker toys made from leftover upholstery fabric come recommended by content creator Billie-Rae Grant, who owns a cat named Goblin. “I love handmade cats toys, especially using cool, unique fabrics,” Grant says. They’re filled with the grounds of a plant called silvervine that’s similar to catnip. “If your cat doesn’t really like regular catnip, silvervine is a great alternative,” Grant advises. “Goblin goes wild for it.”

Polydactyl Cats Taco Sauce Cat Toy Set

According to Stray Cat Social Club founder Scott Bleicher, Polydactyl Cats “creates unique cat toys with equal parts irony, pop culture references, and a dash of fast-food fun.” Their organic catnip toys come in shapes like popcorn and sushi, guaranteed to appeal to owners and cats alike. Leilani Shimoda, the owner of Instagram darling Bunni (and the late Shrampton), also loves the brand and said, “I love to make themed gifts [like] the hot-sauce toys with sombrero combo.” And, yes, the included sombrero is for the cat.

Chiwava 36-Pack 1.8-Inch Small Interactive Cat Toys Mice With Catnip Rattle

Kitten rescuer and animal advocate Hannah Shaw told us these rattle mouse toys “make enticing sounds that spark cats’ curiosity — and kick their hunting instincts into high gear.” She says they’re perfect for kittens since they’re small enough for little ones to toss and carry around in their mouths, but we think older cats would love them too. And at $12 for 36 mice, it’s easy to have some extras around for when your cat inevitably loses a few under the couch or behind the refrigerator.

GoCat Da Fur Thing Cat Toy

This kicker toy comes recommended by “Hana,” the anonymous owner of two adorable Instagram-beloved kitties: Dewey and Rudy. She’s had to repair it a few times and put more catnip inside because her cats were “kicking the crap out of it.” She suspects the fact that the toy is made from genuine rabbit fur activates their hunting instincts because “they feel like it’s real.”

Maxpower Planet Cat Toys Interactive Rainbow Wand Charmer

Singer-songwriter Judy Collins is a self-proclaimed cat lover and currently owns three Persians. “When I adopt cats, it’ll be three at a time because I like them to have company,” Collins told us. They love to chase ribbons, so she keeps this toy on hand to “run around with” and usually pulls it behind her “so that the cat will chase me. It’s very good for them, it’s healthy.”

Da Bird

You can’t go wrong with a Da Bird wand toy that earns rave reviews from experts and cat owners alike. Anjellicle cat-behavior specialist Astrid Hanenkamp said, “It offers hours of interactive playtime for a cat and its owner.” Heather Henley, a certified feline-training and behavior specialist at Best Friends Animal Society is a “big fan” of the simple feather toy, and it also received shout-outs from Latifi, cat-behavior expert Mikel Delgado, and proud cat lady Kristin Perrotta, who said “all cats go mental for it.”

Go Cat Teaser Cat Catcher Wand Cat Toy

“I’ve always given Cat Catcher teaser wands as gifts because I never met a cat who didn’t like them,” said Yuki Atsumi, an Anjellicle seminar leader. From the maker of the beloved Da Bird teaser, the Cat Catcher will also give cats the thrill of the hunt, but for a mouse instead of a bird. Atsumi adds, “Wand toys should always be put away after playing because cats might chew the string or wire and ingest it.”

Jackson Galaxy Air Prey Copter Wand

In addition to helping sedentary cats with weight loss and maintenance, Shaw said that “keeping cats physiologically enriched will make them less inclined toward destructive behaviors.” One of the best ways to get cats up on their toes — and in the air — are wand toys and teasers, which also make great gifts for owners dealing with misbehaving cats. Along with staving off boredom, Delgado said “playing with your cat provides them with exercise and can be a great way to bond.” These toys from cat behaviorist and My Cat From Hell host Jackson Galaxy’s collection were top picks among experts we spoke to. The air-prey version, for cats that enjoy leaping into the air, is Shaw’s personal favorite.

Cat Dancer Original Interactive Cat Toy
Very Good Deal

It’s a well-known fact that cats will ignore fancy, expensive toys in favor of the most simplistic, inexpensive thing you have lying around — a cardboard box, a hair tie. The Cat Dancer is made from just two components — steel wire and rolled cardboard — and costs less than $3, which, of course, means cats go wild over it. “It’s had a 100 percent success rate with all the cats I’ve given it to,” Hana says. “It’s really minimalistic. You hold onto one end and just shake it. But they get so into it.” Considering this toy has been around for a few decades, it’s just about the most failproof, tried-and-true toy you can gift.

Inaba Churu Cat Treats

“Cats love this shit,” art curator Celine Wong Katzman declares of these Churu treats. “I’ve never opened one for a cat before and not had them go totally crazy for it.” She calls them “cat Go-Gurt” because they come in small squeeze tubes filled with paste in multiple enticing flavors, such as tuna, chicken, or beef. And Hana has also witnessed firsthand the powerful effect Churu has on kitties, describing it as “the ultimate cat treat” that will cause her cats to “come running the moment they hear me opening the jar.” She’ll sometimes even freeze them to make cat Popsicles on a hot day.

Made by Nacho Freeze-Dried Wild Alaskan Salmon Cat Treats

Strategist senior editor Jen Trolio says her two cats go wild for these salmon treats from Made by Nacho, a brand founded by Food Network star Bobby Flay, which the brand gifted to her to try out. “They actually feel special as far as cat treats go because they are clearly chunks of dried fish rather than a piece of kibble,” Trolio says.

Greenies Feline Catnip Flavor Adult Dental Cat Treats

“Your cat’s mouth is the gateway to their health and comfort,” says veterinarian Liz Bales, but not all cats will take kindly to getting their teeth brushed. Fortunately, Bales estimates that dental foods and treats can improve cats’ oral health by up to 20 percent. These catnip-flavored Greenies treats are approved by the Veterinary Oral Health Council; they have a crunchy texture that helps reduce tartar buildup and freshen breath.

PetSafe SlimCat Interactive Toy and Food Dispenser

Another way to tap into a cat’s natural hunting instinct is a puzzle feeder that hides treats or dry food pieces so that cats have to actively poke around to find them. Henley loves that this SlimCat dispenser makes cats “move with it, so they aren’t sitting still and eating.” Since it’s simple to use, it’s a good entry-level feeder toy for cats who are new to the concept. Latifi, also a SlimCat fan, advises filling it with freeze-dried raw food, which is easier on cats’ digestion than conventional food. (Primal Pet Foods’ Primal Freeze-Dried Nuggets Formula for Cats is a healthy option that will fit in a feeder toy.)

Doc & Phoebe's Cat Co. Indoor Hunting Cat-Feeder Kit

Created by a veterinarian, these mouse-shaped toys can be filled with food or treats and hidden around your house for cats to “hunt.” Ernie Ward, a veterinarian and founder of the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, says the toy will “engage your cat’s inner predator.”

Cat Amazing Interactive Treat Maze & Puzzle Cat Toy

Cat owners working from home know the challenge of keeping their pet from walking on their keyboard and disrupting Zoom calls. This treat maze, which is basically a cardboard box divided into three sections with random holes, is the only thing that has distracted former Strategist senior writer Karen Adelson’s (very food-motivated) cat. Pair it with some treats and you’ve got a gift that will save your cat-loving pal from hours of annoyance.

Catit Senses 2.0 Food Tree Cat Feeder

If you know you’re shopping for a puzzle-feeder pro, this tree-style toy is more difficult, as kitties have to move their treats down each level by sticking their paws in the side holes before the food lands in the bottom dish. “[It] helps mimic a cat’s hunting behavior,” said Angie Krause, a holistic veterinarian and consultant for I and Love and You pet food. “It helps relieve stress and prevent boredom.”

Purrre Teeth Party Feeder/Bowl/Plate

Trolio has been using elevated feeders to make eating easier for her senior cats and says these ones from Purrre are among the best-looking ones she’s found. “Raised feeders tend to all have the same look, but this one actually stands out in a good way,” Trolio says. Depending on your cat’s preferences and the type of food they eat, you can choose between a bowl or a plate design, and the feeders come in several stylish colors, like coral pink and moss green.

Necoichi Extra Wide Raised Cat Food Bowl

Another raised-food-bowl option for cats who have whisker or other sensitivities is this extra-wide one from Necoichi, which comes recommended by Samantha Rober, owner of catfluencers Pesto and Tessie. “Pesto used to get reactions to plastic or stainless steel, so the fact that these are ceramic is great,” Rober says. Plus, the open, shallow design helps ease the strain on Pesto’s neck and posture and reduces whisker fatigue.

Miaustore Cat Ceramic Water Fountain

“Cats are notoriously poor water drinkers,” according to Krause. Feline dehydration can lead to fatal kidney issues later in life. (It’s one of the reasons vets prefer cats eat moisture-rich canned food.) To encourage a friend’s pet to up its water intake, Krause recommends a flowing drinking fountain because many cats prefer “fresh, running water and will drink more when water stays fresh,” she said. There are tons of designs on the market, but Wong Katzman says multiple people have complimented her Miaustore ceramic water fountain: “When people come over, they’re like, ‘Wow, you really got that for your cat? That’s so nice.’” It even comes with attachments, if you want to add some cat grass or an extra bowl, and is dishwasher-friendly for easy cleanup.

SmartCat the Ultimate Scratching Post

“Every cat needs a scratching post,” advised Latifi, explaining that because cats love stretching out, a post should be at least 24 inches high to make it an attractive alternative to cat owners’ furniture. At 32 inches high, the SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post is a top choice among experts. Wood said it’s the ideal gift because “cats can’t knock it over — very important! — and the cat can stretch out her back while scratching.” Hanenkamp calls it “the best out there,” and Delgado mentioned it by name as well.

Vetreska Premium Cactus Cat Scratching Post

Michelle Humphrey, owner of catfluencer Rosie, was immediately taken with this cactus-shaped scratching post, especially since she’s based in Austin, Texas. “I bought it on a whim, but it’s so cute and actually incredibly sturdy and heavy,” Humphrey says. “When it came shipped in the mail I could barely lift the package.” After two years, the sisal material hasn’t shedded much, and she hasn’t noticed any wear and tear. “A lot of cat products cheap out or start to break down, but I can see this lasting for many more years,” Humphrey says.

PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge

Since it takes up more space than a vertical scratching post, Wood said this “wonderful” scratcher lounge is a great and stylish gift “if your friend has a good-sized apartment.” Conrad Russo, blogger and owner of Pet Gear Lab, also said the PetFusion scratcher is a “favorite” among cat lovers, and Perrotta agreed. “It’s cool-looking and you can flip it over when your cat annihilates one side,” she said.

Hauspanther CATchall Wall-mounted Cat Scratcher, Perch & Storage by Primetime Petz

Photo: Courtesy of the retailer

Shaw stresses the importance of providing cats with an enriching home environment, because they “need access to vertical spaces and climbing structures in order to feel mentally stimulated.” A first-time cat owner, or one moving into a new place, may appreciate a perch, lounger, or tree that will make their home more welcoming to cats. Shaw buys a lot of her cat furniture from Hauspanther, like this wall-mounted perch that doubles as a scratching post and has room for toy storage.

Pet Craft Supply Magic Mewnicorn Multi-Cat-Tunnel Boredom-Relief Toys With Crinkle Feather String for Cats

This unicorn tunnel looks pretty silly, but Strategist writer Rio Viera-Newton says her cat, Martini (along with her parents’ and sister’s cats), goes nuts for it. “She sprints through all the little tunnels, weaving in and out of them like a maniac,” Viera-Newton writes. “And then when she’s finally out of energy, she slinks up into a little ball in one of the unicorn arms, all cozy.” The four-foot-long tunnel has lots of room for cats to play in, but it also folds down into a compact ring that’s easy to store, even in small spaces.

Snuggly Cat Ripple Rug

The Ripple Rug’s customizability allows your cat to engage in all their instinctive behaviors — hiding, stalking, pouncing — without destroying your actual rug or furniture. It comes with two layers, “a base layer and then a top one that has holes and Velcro, and you can adjust it to build your own little forts or tunnels that the cats go in,” says communications manager Carolyn Rehm, who runs an Instagram account for her cats Broccoli and Dilly. She likes to “hide toys or catnip in it,” adding that it’s “a great enrichment activity.”

Frisco 47.5-Inch Modern Cat Tree and Condo

There are plenty of splurge-worthy cat trees out there, but if you feel a little silly spending triple digits on furniture made for a cat, this affordable version is both feline and human approved. With natural wood grain and plush white carpeting, it looks nice in any home, and it has plenty of space for kitty to perch on. Adelson says her cat Lovey likes to hang out in the cubbyhole or on the top level.

Trixie Wooden Pet Stairs in Natural

According to Henley, “Senior cats can have issues with arthritis just like people. It’s nice to have pet stairs for them to use when jumping becomes painful.” A set of pet stairs is a good gift for a friend with an older cat that’s having trouble getting on the couch or bed. With natural wood siding, these stairs will fit right in in a cat lover’s living room, and there’s an area for storage under each step.

Necoichi Cat-Headed Scratcher Bed

Made from recycled cardboard, this adorable cat-shaped bed also doubles as a scratcher — but it’s more durable than you might expect. Rober has owned one for nearly two years, and though the brand offers replacement parts for when it gets too worn down, she hasn’t needed any yet. “I used to put it on my desk next to me while I was working, and Pesto and Tessie would just nap in there,” Rober says. Now it’s out in her living room, and because it’s “not super-ugly or big,” it slides right into an unobtrusive corner.

K&H Pet Products Thermo-Kitty Heated Cat Bed

If you’ve ever seen a cat sprawled out in a patch of sunlight or enjoying some outdoor time on a hot summer day, you know that felines seek the heat. Delgado told us “a cat’s comfort zone starts at around 82 degrees” and they’d appreciate the added warmth of a heated bed. Krause agreed that “cats love to be warm,” and suggested this style of bed. While the brand advertises its electrical cord is “MET listed for safety,” it’s always best to use a heated bed under supervision.

Furhaven Pet ThermaNAP Self-Warming Quilted Cat Bed

When choosing a gift for the cat owner of an older cat (cats are considered seniors once they turn 11), Atsumi recommends “a cushioned, heated cat bed for achy joints.” While all cats appreciate a warm napping spot, it’s especially important for seniors. Krause explained that “as they age, cats tend to seek heat and have more trouble staying warm in the winter.” Henley suggested a mat, like this one, with an insulated layer that keeps cats warm using their own body heat (instead of electricity) so you don’t have to worry about letting your cat use it unattended.

Best Friends by Sheri Luxury Shag Faux-Fur Doughnut Cuddler
Strategist Tested

Even though it’s technically for dogs, the smallest version of this cozy, shaggy bed (that several Strategist team members own and love) is perfectly sized for cats — to which lots of Amazon reviewers can attest. As certified professional animal behaviorist Jessica Gore told Strategist senior writer Liza Corsillo, “It’s great for warm snuggling and cuddling and provides just enough support and security for smaller body types.” And one Amazon shopper reports, “I bought the bed for my Chihuahua, and she loves it a lot but then my cat took over and she loves it, too. So I bought another bed for the cat.”

GINYICY Travel Pet-Carrier Backpack

Or you can take a cue from confessed cat lady Taylor Swift, who uses this stylish backpack to carry her cats around. Over at Vulture, former senior Snapchat editor Devon Sherer tested one out herself with her cat, the Captain, and discovered it’s “as life-changing as it looks.” As Sherer reports, “I will even leave the bag out when we aren’t using it, since the cats enjoy getting into it and glaring at me through the bubble window.”

Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed

Unlike dogs, who often get excited for a ride in the car or a walk around the block, cat owners know that coaxing an unenthusiastic kitty into a carrier can be a bit like, well, herding cats. Kerrie McKeon, resident cat expert at the animal welfare and adoption organization Bideawee, said “The key to easier travel, whether it’s simply a trip to the vet, or a car trip over the holidays, is a carrier your cat doesn’t hate and fear.” To solve the problem, she recommends the Sleepypod, calling it a “game changer, as your cat can use it as a bed when at home, thereby reducing negative associations.” Just fold down the sides and it becomes a plush, semi-enclosed bed.

Petstages Purr Pillow Snoozin' Sloth Calming Plush Cat Toy
Very Good Deal

Chewy resident pet expert Samantha Schwab recommended this soothing toy with a touch-activated purring mechanism for cats that are easily stressed. It’s cozy to cuddle up with at home or in any other situation that could make your cat anxious, like when guests come to visit or while traveling.

Hand Stamped Personalized Pet ID Tags

When Grant takes Goblin for walks, she’ll have Goblin wear a collar with this personalized pet tag made from solid brass. “I love that it’s hand-stamped. It’s super chic and has a unique feel,” Grant says. Her tag only has Goblin’s name on it, but you can also add your phone number to the back for extra peace of mind.

Pettsie Cat Collar With Friendship Bracelet

This matching collar and friendship bracelet lets a cat owner show off their BFF (best feline friend) status. As Caitlin Ultimo, a former resident pet expert and content manager at Chewy, said, “any pet parent will jump at the opportunity to rep their pet, and this is just an understated way to do just that.” For the fashionable cat, there’s also this suede and leather option that comes in a “caviar” tin.

Love Thy Beast Tie Dye Tee, Rainbow

Writer Duncan Goodwin, who happens to be married to former Strategist senior editor Tony Rotunno, shared a guide to the care and keeping of their hairless sphynx cat, Pebbles. The main takeaway: Hairless cats need a good amount of upkeep. But they can also pull off cat clothing, like this tie-dye tee that Goodwin says “fits her snugly without being restrictive” and keeps her warm in the colder months.

Kitan Club Cat Cap Blind Box

When Wong Katzman ordered a surprise fruit-themed hat from Kitan Club, she just so happened to receive a melon cap for her cat, Melon. Though she can’t say that Melon greatly enjoyed wearing it — “He was a melon for Halloween and he was very upset about it” — she still thinks it makes for a great gift “because it’s cheap and fun.”

Good2Go Black Big Cat Harness and Leash Set

If you know your friend’s cat loves venturing into the great outdoors, a harness-and-leash set will allow them to explore safely and securely. Dr. Darcia Kostiuk, a senior veterinarian with Champion Petfoods, gives a thumbs up to this Good2Go set, which features generous padding that she says makes for “maximum comfort.” Additional mesh on the bodice helps with breathability.

TropiClean Dander Reducing Waterless Shampoo for Cats

Lorbes uses some of this waterless shampoo on her cat when she feels that Nori could use some extra grooming but doesn’t need a full-on bath. “I spray it on my hands and then rub it all over her body, so she thinks I’m just petting her,” Lorbes says. “She doesn’t mind it, she doesn’t try to remove it from her fur or anything.” Its pleasantly subtle coconut-vanilla fragrance is a bonus, Lorbes adds, but won’t irritate either humans or cats who are sensitive to scents.

FURminator deShedding Tool for Cats

According to Ultimo, “Cats are very clean pets, and they are good at taking care of their own grooming needs. That being said, their aptitude for self-care can sometimes result in a buildup of hair balls.” To save your cat-owning friends from the gross experience of cleaning up regurgitated fur, a FURminator brush helps get rid of excess hair. Brushing can also be a soothing way for a cat and their owner to bond. Strategist contributor Elizabeth Gumport actually wrote an ode to the FURminator here.

Furbliss Multi-Functional Two-Sided 100% Silicone Pet Brush

All cat owners struggle with the Sisyphean task of preventing cat hair from covering every surface in their homes. To tackle the fur madness, Shimoda loves “this amazing two-sided grooming tool that brushes the cats and removes hair from your furniture.”

Tiny But Mighty: Kitten Lady's Guide to Saving the Most Vulnerable Felines by Hannah Shaw
Very Good Deal

Photo: Courtesy of the retailer

For anyone interested in kitten care (or just adorable pictures of tiny kittens), Bleicher recommends Shaw’s book, in which she outlines how to care for newborn cats and shares her personal rescue stories. Bleicher calls her “the foremost expert on neonatal kitten care,” and added, “her sold-out speaking engagements across the country are [a] testament to her compassion for these smallest of furry fighters.”

Walter Chandoha. Cats. Photographs 1942–2018

Photographer Walter Chandoha devoted most of his decades-long career to capturing images of cats, in all of their grandeur (and silliness). This volume, a collection of more than 60 years of his work, made our list of the most giftable coffee table books of 2019, and would definitely earn a prized place in any cat lover’s home.

Adventure Cats by Laura J. Moss

Some cats enjoy going on leashed walks outdoors, but a harness and leash might be a risky gift if you don’t know your friend’s cat’s temperament. If you think they’ll find the idea intriguing, though, Shaw recommends giving a cat owner a copy of Adventure Cats for “inspiration and instructions.” With useful tips and beautiful photography of cats exploring mountains, deserts, forests, and more, it may pique an owner’s interest in bringing their kitty outdoors.

Cats on Catnip by Andrew Marttila

For cat ladies and gents who already have it all, or ones you aren’t sure what to buy for, Shaw loves this book of “epic, beautiful, and downright hysterical photos of cats enjoying the green stuff” from cat photographer Andrew Marttila. Even the most reserved cats get silly under the influence, and this endearing collection captures them in all their blissed-out stoner glory.

“Dancing With Cats,” by Burton Silver and Heather Busch

When Strategist writer Ambar Pardilla learned about the bookstore Pillow-Cat Books, she was immediately enchanted by its animal theme — every book has to have animal in it. “The store just feels really fun,” Pardilla says. “They sell everything from really rare copies to more recent releases — think of what you’d see in the basement of some eclectic recluse’s estate sale.” As a cat lover, she was delighted to discover a cornucopia of cat-themed books such as the cult classic Dancing With Cats, as well as nostalgic favorites like Garfield in Training and a Hello Kitty book that will “probably be worth something someday.”

Where's your cat? Adventures in Meowtown Personalized Book
Very Good Deal

Yappy lets you personalize a variety of gifts with a pet’s likeness, including this Where’s Waldo?–style book that inserts an illustrated Fido or Mittens into intricate scenes of amusement parks, opera performances, and history museums. Trolio bought the dog version for her nieces and it was a big hit: “It’s definitely cute for families with both kids and pets,” she says.

Modkat Top Entry Litter Box

Viera-Newton is head over heels for the Modkat Top Entry Litter Box, which her mom gifted her for Christmas one year. The litter box design requires cats to jump into a contained space to do their business, thus minimizing litter tracking and preventing pee leakage. It also features a reusable liner for quick cleanup.

Tuft + Paw Cove Litter Box

Not all cats like to be in an enclosed space when they visit the litter box. If your cat is one of them, this box from Tuft + Paw is a streamlined option with built-in slots to hold the included scooper and floor brush. The company went through several prototypes to get the box just right for both cats and their owners. Adelson received a model to test out and was impressed with how functional and sturdy the box felt.

Good Pet Stuff The Original Hidden Litter Box

Humphrey was looking for a non-ugly litter box that she could leave out in the living area and hit upon this one disguised as a planter. She has it set up right next to another artificial plant so “it blends right in, and friends wouldn’t even necessarily notice it.” The top pops off for scooping, and the plastic pieces are easy to clean. “It definitely looks better than the usual clunky litter box,” she says.

Litter Lifter Cat Litter Scoop

“I’m personally going be gifting this to all my friends who have cats,” says Hana of this Litter Lifter scooper. She’s deemed it “the king of scoops” for its hefty size and the way its crevices are designed so that “you don’t have to shake that much, you just lift and the litter falls out.” She confesses to feeling a bit “unhinged” because she’s so passionate about it and can’t stop evangelizing it to all her friends. “It’s just one of those small things that doesn’t cost too much, doesn’t take up too much space, but really makes a difference,” she said.

Pet Odor Exterminator Orange Lemon Splash Deodorizing Candle

Although cats are obsessive about keeping themselves clean, sometimes it’s hard to mask litter-box smells in a tiny apartment. Adelson learned about these candles from her vet after asking how he got his office to smell so pleasant and so not like a vet’s office. They’re designed by veterinarians and made up of a blend of natural enzymes that actually destroy airborne animal odors at a molecular level, instead of just masking the smells. She likes this citrusy scent, but you can choose from dozens of other options, including vanilla and sandalwood.

Rocco & Roxie Supply Co. Litter Box Odor Eliminator
Best Seller

Or if they own multiple cats and are in need of an odor eliminator that’s a little more heavy-duty, Strategist contributor Julia Gomez Kramer says this Rocco & Roxie deodorizer is “surprisingly powerful” and “has done wonders at neutralizing the smell of stinky litter in our apartment.” The product comes in the form of pellets that she shakes into the litter box; the pellets will “absorb the odors rather than mask them” so the “litter box smells more like nothing than anything.”

Ordora Reusable Pet Hair Remover

Lorbes finds this reusable pet hair remover much more effective than a regular lint roller “because it works like a vacuum and you don’t have to deal with any sticky parts.” A brush inside collects all the hair, and you can press a button on the handle to empty the waste compartment. Since Lorbes owns a white couch and a black cat, when she has guests over she rolls over it “a few times” with this brush and “[the hair] is gone.”

Bissell Multi-Purpose Portable Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner

This gift is not exactly luxe, but it is incredibly practical. If your cat is prone to coughing up hairballs and other unmentionables on your carpets and rugs, Brooklyn-based pharmacist Sera McNutt — cat parent to Santana and Konni — is obsessed with her Bissell carpet and upholstery cleaner. “It’s a godsend,” she says. “I love it because it’s pretty small and therefore easy to store, has cleaning solution built into the mechanism, and has worked on every stain I’ve tried it on.”

Feliway Classic Diffuser for Cats

Simple and unobtrusive as a Glade plug-in, this little gift could be a godsend for cat owners dealing with frequently hissing cats. While often thought of as a sign of aggression, “it’s actually a defense mechanism” says Ultimo. “If your cat is hissing, they may feel threatened or on high alert.” This diffuser emits an odorless vapor that mimics a cat’s natural soothing pheromones, sending signals to her brain that relieve stress. It can also help with destructive scratching and litter-box issues.

AirDoctor 3000 Air Purifier for Home and Large Rooms

This air purifier would be a splurge gift for sure, but Humphrey assured us it’s more than worth it. “I change out the filter and there’s always a ton of cat hair,” she says. “It’s frightening.” She relies on it to keep her bedroom clean, since Rosie likes to nap in there, but its large size allows it to filter a decent portion of her living space. She leaves the filter running all day, and after three years of consistent use, it’s still going strong. “Now that I see how much cat hair is in the air, I can’t go back to not having an air purifier,” Humphrey says.

Basepaws Cat DNA Test Kit

Using Basepaws’ cat DNA test kit, Grant was able to find out Goblin’s breed: part Ragdoll, part Norwegian mountain cat. “That’s something I think every pet owner would love, having a little bit of insight into their cat’s history,” Grant says.

The Chorus Postcard Puzzle

Rehm loves this painting by artist Rebecca Salinas, which is available as a print as well as a puzzle. “People submitted photos of their cats and then she would put them together and paint them,” Rehm says. “It’s called Cat Chorus.” Salinas is currently working on another painting that Rehm hopes Broccoli will be featured in.

The Sapphire Queen Custom Pet Poster

Photo: retailer

If you already know your cat’s a queen (and treat her like one) it’d be fitting to get a portrait of her in full regalia. Showing this off in your living room could definitely suggest that your giftee is a crazy cat person — but in a good way, we’d like to think.

Willane Custom Needle-Felted Cat

If you’d prefer a three-dimensional sculpture, many Etsy sellers will create custom needle-felted miniatures of your pet. Strategist writer Kitty Guo commissioned one of her cat Neptune, and says the finished result “captured his likeness remarkably well, down to the stripes on his tail.”

Original Plush Cuddle Clone

Or you can go even bigger with a life-size replica of your fur baby from Cuddle Clones. Rehm says she has noticed the brand’s custom stuffed animals all over social media lately: “There’s a lot of funny videos of people tricking their pets. They start freaking out, like, Why is there another animal that looks just like me here?” The plushes also make a lovely gift for someone whose pet has passed and who would appreciate “something to remember them by,” Rehm says.

Pet Portrait Custom Airbrushed T-shirt/Sweatshirt/Hoodie

Another custom pet product that’s social media–approved, these airbrushed pet sweatshirts are currently going viral on TikTok, according to Grant. “I saw a video of a girl wearing this, and people were going nuts for it in the comments,” Grant tells us. “It’s supercute. I’ve had my eye on one for a minute, and I’m definitely gifting one to my friend, too.” In addition to the personalized portrait and text, you can choose between a sweatshirt, a hoodie, or a T-shirt and whether you want the art to appear on the front or back.

Hatphile Cat Mom & Dad Hats for Proud Cat Parents

Cat Person Hoodie in Black

Rober and her husband both own this hoodie and hat proclaiming their status as cat parents. “It’s so embarrassing. We have a “Cat Mom” and “Cat Dad” hat, just for fun,” Rober says, adding that she’s waiting for a “Cat Daddy” hat to come out. She was pleasantly surprised by the quality of both, reporting that they feel comfortable, fit well, and have a classic design — she even bought a matching mini-hoodie for Pesto. “He doesn’t love it, but I love it,” she says.

Cat Magic Punks Claw Shirt

Photo: retailer

If your love of cats also intersects with your anti-racist sentiments, Food & Wine senior writer Margaret Eby — cat parent to Delta and Grover — recommends grabbing one of these eye-catching shirts. Best of all, for every shirt sold, 15 percent is donated to The Bail Project and its fight to end mass incarceration.

Dungeons & Dragons Teal Green Cat's Eye Polyhedral Dice Set

If the cat lover in your life is also a Dungeons and Dragons fan, Grant recommends these luxurious cat-themed polyhedral dice. “We’re a big fantasy household. D&D, Magic the Gathering, your assortment of board games, all that,” she says. “It’s all hand-made as well, so it’s a great gift for cat owners who love fantasy roleplaying games.”

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