Annual New Year’s Day photo contest returns to Fairfax County trails

Individuals stroll on a path at Scott’s Operate Nature Maintain on a heat fall day (workers picture by Angela Woolsey)

As the New Year approaches, residents of Fairfax County can once again dust off their cameras and embark on an exciting adventure on the county’s picturesque trails. The highly anticipated Annual New Year’s Day Photo Contest is back, inviting amateur and professional photographers alike to capture the beauty and essence of Fairfax County’s natural landscapes. This unique contest not only encourages exploration and creativity but also celebrates the region’s stunning trails and encourages outdoor enthusiasts to kick off the year in an active and engaging way.

Engaging the Community:

The Annual New Year’s Day Photo Contest has become a cherished tradition in Fairfax County, fostering a sense of community spirit and shared appreciation for the county’s natural treasures. The contest provides a platform for photographers of all skill levels to showcase their talent while promoting a deeper connection with the surrounding environment. By engaging the community in this way, the event encourages residents to develop a stronger bond with nature, sparking a desire to explore and preserve these trails throughout the year.

Exploring the Trails:

Fairfax County boasts an impressive network of trails that wind through diverse landscapes, from tranquil forests to scenic waterfronts. The contest offers participants the opportunity to venture out into nature and discover new and hidden gems. Whether capturing the vibrant colors of fall foliage, the serenity of snow-covered trails, or the blossoming beauty of springtime, photographers can showcase the ever-changing seasons and highlight the unique features of each trail. The contest inspires individuals to seek out lesser-known paths, fostering a sense of adventure and discovery in their own backyard.

Unleashing Creativity:

One of the most captivating aspects of the Annual New Year’s Day Photo Contest is the freedom it offers photographers to unleash their creativity. Participants are encouraged to experiment with different techniques, angles, and perspectives, allowing their artistic vision to shine through. From capturing panoramic landscapes to zooming in on intricate details, the contest encourages photographers to showcase their unique perspectives and storytelling abilities. This creative exploration adds a layer of excitement and diversity to the contest, resulting in a stunning collection of photographs that reflect the beauty and individuality of Fairfax County.

Recognition and Prizes:

At the heart of the Annual New Year’s Day Photo Contest is the celebration and recognition of talented photographers. After the submission period ends, a panel of judges comprised of local experts in photography and environmental conservation carefully evaluates the entries. Winners are chosen based on their technical skill, artistic merit, and ability to capture the essence of Fairfax County’s trails. The winning photographs are then displayed in exhibitions and featured in local publications, providing well-deserved recognition for the photographers and inspiring others to embark on their own visual journeys.


The Annual New Year’s Day Photo Contest in Fairfax County has established itself as a beloved tradition that combines the joy of photography with the appreciation of nature. This unique event encourages residents to explore the county’s diverse trails, fostering a deeper connection with the environment and promoting a healthier, active lifestyle. By capturing the beauty and individuality of each trail, participants contribute to a vibrant visual archive that celebrates the region’s natural wonders. As the contest returns each year, it continues to inspire creativity, community engagement, and a profound appreciation for the Fairfax County trails that enrich the lives of its residents.

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