Bathing Your Cat | A Complete Guide

bathing your cat

Cats are the ones who are generally known for self-grooming habits and hate being wet. As they spend much of their time in grooming, they tend to be clean animal and smell much better especially than a dog. Cats are also very playful like others but they won’t go outside and roll in unpleasant things. So, it’s a quiet relief that you don’t need to spend much time cleaning it. But still, the cat also needs bathing and it’s pretty common for you to think that why bathing your cat is necessary while it’s itself a self-groomer.

Why Cats Need Bathing?

It’s normal for cats to be adventurous sometimes. But if the cat gets into something dirty and smells, of course, you don’t like it and it’s also not good for cats and as a solution cat needs bathing. Similarly, if in case your cat got bugs in its fur then also a bath is necessary. Whereas there are several cat breeds which are hairless one or have less fur then periodic baths will be helpful to remove body oils.

How Often Should I Bathe My Cat?

Keeping your cat healthy is always your priority. As bathing your cats prevents from being smelly, dirty, and from being caught from diseases. So, it’s necessary to bathe your cat. Well how often you need to bathe your cat depends on the following:

1. What type of environment does your cat like?

Most of the cats love to spend much of their time inside and they don’t need to be taken outsides time by time. So these cats who stay more indoor don’t need regular bathing. Whereas those cats who spend much of their time outdoor playing around need a bath more frequently than those cats who stay indoors.

2. Cat breeds

As a cat lover, you might be aware that each cat breeds are not similar and they have different characteristics. So if your cat has long hair then even it has a habit of grooming, it won’t be sufficient to keep the fur clean. And in this case, it requires bathing more often. Likewise, if your cat has less fur, or it’s hairless then it needs regular bathing.

3. Self- grooming habit

It’s natural for the cat to be self-groomer. But all cats don’t groom themselves so efficiently that they can be neat and clean. So those who don’t groom themselves effectively, they need regular baths to prevent from becoming sticky. And also no wonder that overweight cats will have difficulty in grooming as they can’t reach in all area of the body and some may have itching problem which needs regular bathing.

4. Level of activity

Those cats who are involved in different types of activity and much more active needs frequent bathing.

5. Health problems

Cats having health problems like skin infection, itchiness, and flea infestation need proper bathing as per the veterinarian suggestion.

How To Wash Your Cat?

Everything should be done step by step to get a better result and the same goes for washing your cat. It needs a certain procedure to wash the cat. First of all, you need to make perfect timing. It means you have to wash your cat when it is in good condition or you can give your cat some toys to play with so that you can distract your cat while bathing. As most of the cat don’t like being wet.

Secondly, you must trim its claws before make him a bath. Then you should brush-off your cat to remove loose hair and mats as if it’s wet then it would be difficult to remove. You can also trim its claws while brushing it but you need a supporter and also during brushing you can easily put some cotton in its ears to keep the water out.

After that, you should place a rubber bath mat in the tub where you are going to wash your cat so that it won’t slip. And make sure the water isn’t hot or not so cold.

After preparing all those things be ready to wash your cat. Gently put water on your cat and make sure it won’t go directly to its ear, eye, and nose. Then massage your cat with cat shampoo and again put water to rinse the shampoo off from it. When you think all the dirt and the remaining shampoo you put on it has gone then use a clean washcloth to wipe your cat face. And most important thing you should make sure that there isn’t any remaining dirt so that it can prevent skin irritation.

bathing your cat

Last but not least wrap your cat in a clean towel and dry her in a warm place. If in case it has long hair then untangle its fur with a wide comb in which it’s comfortable. And lastly, praise her for being good while washing and give her some treats which will make her happy. There will be a high chance that in next bathing it won’t create much trouble.

Precautions Should Be Taken

It is not easy to make your cat bath as cats don’t like being wet and also some are afraid of water. So it’s better to take some precautions before you bath your cat to prevent being hurt.

To bathe your cat you must wear some gloves that can cover your arms to protect from cat scratching. Then, all the equipment needed for the bath such as a tub, washcloth, cat shampoo, towel, and lukewarm water should be prepared. So that it won’t take a long time when you begin its bath. And also it makes the cat less irritate as you won’t have to go here and there while bathing your cat.

Similarly, you should maintain the control of your cat by talking with your cat in a calm and quiet voice while bathing. And also make sure the tub is secure and it has some of your pet favorite toys. If your cat is too frightened by anything you are doing then stop it. It’s not necessary to continue if both of you are hurt badly.

And after finishing the bath, make sure your cat is cleaned so that there won’t be skin irritation. And last but not least most importantly you must prepare some rewards for your cat. It will helps to make them like to bath next time.

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