Cat Befriends Huge Rat After Owner Hoped It Would Get Rid of It

Watch: Cat Befriends Huge Rat After Owner Hoped It Would Get Rid of It

The video has garnered thousands of comments and likes. (Unsplash/Representative photo)

A cat has gone viral on the internet for befriending a huge rat living in its garden that it was supposed to hunt. 

The cat’s owner shared a video on Reddit which showed the feline in the garden hugging the rodent, before proceeding to clean it and groom it like a child. “When you get a cat hoping it will help you get rid of the big rat in your yard,” read the caption of the post. 

Watch the video below: 

Since being shared, the video has taken the internet by storm. It has reached over 85,000 upvotes and has garnered more than 2,000 comments. Several internet users were amused by the kitten’s behaviour. “Good news is you don’t have to worry anymore, they got an apartment together,” jokingly wrote one user. “Bad news: it’s your apartment and you need to move,” added another. 

A third user said, “Congratulations on your new pet.” “That rat is being washed against its will!” wrote fourth. 

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According to Newsweek, a 2017 study found that domestic cats have played a big role in the extinction of at least 63 vertebrate species worldwide. However, despite this record, new research shows that cats may actually not be very good at catching rats or at least don’t want to be. 

The study observed five feral cats interacting with rats for over two months. It found that even though the cats were around the rats daily, they only tried to kill them just three times, and only actually killed them twice. 

Meanwhile, videos featuring cats are quite common on social media. People like watching them because of their cute actions and friendly behaviour. A while back, another cat went viral on social media. The kitten was seen insisting his owner to stop gardening and hug her. The clip was viewed more than 1.5 lakh views on Instagram. 

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