Cat mascot banned from St. Louis police building

The stray has been the mascot living in a custom cat house outside the station since it began showing up there in 2017.

ST. LOUIS — The beloved mascot of the St. Louis Police Department’s North Patrol Division is getting evicted from the custom-made cat house outside the station where the cat has lived for the past seven years.

The cat was banned from the premises after allergic reactions were reported, according to a stern email obtained by 5 On Your Side.

In the internal email, Acting Major Donnell Moore wrote: “I expect compliance with this directive without question or hesitation. Our community service and protection are of paramount importance, and it is essential that you fully understand the gravity of the matter at hand. I am repeating myself, the station mascot, Felony, is not allowed entry into our premises. This decision addresses (sic) a pressing iss that demands immediate attention.”

Moore wrote that “numerous allergic reactions have been suffered by our officers and clerks,” because of the cat.

“As regrettable as it may be, I must prioritize the well-being and operational efficiency of our team above any personal attachments. Remember, our duty extends beyond the community; it also includes safeguarding the health and safety of our own personnel. We must take necessary actions to eliminate any internal risks that could compromise our performance and hinder our effectiveness.”

In bold letters, Moore wrote: “Do not waste time dwelling on sentimentality. This decision has been made in the best interest of everyone involved.”

He urged his officers to “adjust to this change swiftly and professionally.”

He continued: “Complaints or resistance or resistance will not be tolerated. Our focus should be on maintaining a productive and efficient workplace, free from unnecessary distractions and health complications.”

In more bold letters, Moore continued: “Failure to comply with this order will be met with consequences. I expect nothing less than absolute adherence to this directive.”

Officers told 5 On Your Side that Felony is being removed from the station tomorrow and is going to someone’s home.

An October 2017 tweet welcomed the cat to the patrol and revealed its home.

In December 2017, the police department tweeted about how the cat’s house was decorated for the holidays with a picture of the cat inside the house.

The words, “Trespassers will be Purr-secuted!” alongside a picture of a cat and handcuffs adorns the front of the cat’s house.

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