Cat Pregnancy Symptoms | Stages of Cat Pregnancy


Cat Pregnancy Symptoms, Stages of Cat Pregnancy

Cats are extremely fertile animals and if the cat is not spayed then it can deliver up to three times a year. And as a pet owner, it’s your responsibility to spay your cat because it not only reduces the unwanted cats but also protects it from several diseases. However, if you have a female cat who isn’t spayed and also it went outside or allowed near male cats then there is a high chance that she might become pregnant. So it’s important for you to know about the signs of cat pregnancy.

Similarly, if you are planning to have kittens then you must be familiar with the stages of cat pregnancy and should be prepared to keep and raise them all or you can simply give them for adoption. But nowadays, it’s difficult to find the new owner as most of the people already have their pets so it’s better to think twice before making any decision.

Well sometimes even you don’t want kitties, accident happen and your cat ends up with being pregnant, also you may not notice it until she is a few weeks into her term. Here are some symptoms of cat pregnancy that you should give attention to:

Symptoms of Cat Pregnancy

1. A Sudden Stop of The Heat Cycle

A female cat can get into heat when she is 4 months old and it keeps going into heat every 2 to 3 weeks and can last about a week. So if you are the owner of a female cat who isn’t spayed, you might be aware of her heat cycle. And if you noticed that it hasn’t happened in a while then it’s a sign that she is pregnant.

2. Darkened Nipples

If your cat is pregnant, you will notice that her nipples are different than it used to be. It will be darker in color and enlarged mostly at around three weeks of pregnancy.

3. Vomiting

When your cat starts vomiting on a regular basis then she may be pregnant. But if she vomits more frequently and seems unwell, it might be because of some other problem better to consult with your veterinarian.

4. More Hungry Than Usual

In pregnancy, the appetite of cat increases, and if you notice your cat is a lot more hungry than usual and gain some weight mostly 1 to 2 kg then she might be pregnant. But remember if your cat has already a big appetite then it is hard to be noticed.

5. Changes In Behavior

Most of the cat seeks more attention from you and become more affectionate than usual. And some may start to sleep more during the day and show less desire to move. Likewise, she displays different behavior which could be the sign of cat pregnancy.

6. Bigger Belly

Another symptom of cat pregnancy which is a very obvious one i.e. the cat’s belly will be bigger than the usual and if you notice abdominal swelling then it means the kitten will soon be delivered.

7. Nesting

If your cat begins nesting that means looking for a quiet and safe place to prepare for the birth of their kittens then it’s a sign that she is in a later stage of cat pregnancy.

Stages of Cat Pregnancy

Most cats’ pregnancy lasts around 65 to 69 days and it goes through different stages. Well, there are five stages of cat pregnancy which are mentioned below:

1. Fertilization

The first stage is when a cat goes into heat which is the cat’s fertile period. The cat can go into heat and breed as early as 5 to 6 months. It can have a litter of kittens from more than one father depending upon how many male cats your female cat has mated with.

2. Early Stage

Once the cat went into heat and the egg is fertilized, it enters into the early stage. During the early stage of pregnancy, the cat suffers from morning sickness and starts vomiting for the first two weeks and may eat less. Then slowly it starts eating again and gain some weight. And you may also feel the kittens developing in her stomach.

Cat Pregnancy Symptoms Stages of Cat Pregnancy

3. Middle Stage

Now when your cat continues gaining weight, it means the kittens are growing quickly and she may develop a big belly. In this stage, if you want to know how many kittens your cat is going to have then consulted with the vet for the X-ray.

4. Pre-labor

Pre-labor is the stage that begins about a week before your cat gives birth to kittens. During this stage of cat pregnancy, the cat starts to look for a warm and safe place for her kittens which is simply known as nesting. So to help her, you can provide some nesting boxes which your cat will like and feel comfortable. Similarly, in most cases, the cat’s nipple will be very visible at this point and we may also see milk drops on them.

5. Labor And Delivery

In the last stage, your cat begins labor and of course, it’s not easy. So, she may make noises of discomfort and also can be anxious. Mostly a first kitten is born after an hour of labor. Then in every 15 to 20 minutes new kitten will be born and it will continue until the last one is born.

After the delivery of all kittens, your cat will clean it and may eat placentas to give her some nutrition that she required. At last, make sure that the kittens are with their mother until they are properly weaned.

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