Cat Putting Agitated Baby to Sleep Stuns the Internet

A cat has gone viral on the internet for putting babies to sleep in less than a minute and leaving viewers wishing they too had a supernanny cat of their own.

In a video posted on Reddit last Saturday, the cat’s owner, who goes by the username, reallyumt, showed the r/cats subreddit how they unsuccessfully tried to put their baby to sleep by swinging him until the cat took over and put the baby to sleep in a matter of seconds without moving a paw.

cat and baby
A stock image shows a small cat next to a sleeping baby. A cat has gone viral on TikTok for putting babies to sleep in less than a minute, without moving a paw!
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The post which has so far reached over 15,800 upvotes and almost 500 comments features a video of the crying baby instantly falling asleep once placed on the purring cat’s lap, and a caption that read: “My cat can put babies to sleep. Any parents want to hire him?”

Further in the comments, the cat owner explained: “I have two of the same breed (British Shorthair). This one is calm and loves petting. the other one would freak out and run away before the baby is able to touch him.”

According to research by pet food experts at the brand Purina, cats can make great companions for children of every age. They don’t just make the best playmates, they’re also good for teaching children important lessons.

When kids imagine how a cat feels, it can help them learn to empathize with their peers and take their feelings into account. Confiding in cats can also help children recover from trauma.

Playing with cats also helps children growing their self-esteem and makes them more cooperative and willing to share. But most importantly, children who grow up with a cat are less likely to develop allergies.

Most users praised the cat and its precious gift. Cadillac85 commented: “I think it’s amazing the cat doesn’t even flinch.” And More_Agent_7349 said: “Can I get a super sized one for myself?” koalandi added: “This makes me want to get a cat AND have a baby.”

Pussyydestroyerrr asked: “Is it because of the cat’s purring?” And Kortiz46 answered: “I’m guessing the purring mimics the heartbeat sounds in the womb and is relaxing.”

“It’s just character that this breed of cats have. Mine also sits and does nothing while we are petting him—he just patiently waits for the end of it (he doesn’t really like to be petted). Very well mannered cat,” added stsilvia.

KnotiaPickles noticed something in the video: “[the cat] winked at the end!” And Secure-Quarter6348 answered: “The cat is just thinking I don’t get paid enough for this.” AvocadoUtopia added: “The cat’s expression says it all. I told you my weekends are my own Natalie. This is gonna cost you extra.”

“Does it work on adults??” asked KatieMcKeough2 And the original poster answered: “Yes. I also stop crying when he comes on my lap!” Smokeyourboat said: “Oh OP….I’d offer a hug but snuggles and purrs are much better.” Sabbat1011 added: “A cat’s purr is a solution to all problems.”

Edge-of-cedars-girl joked: “Kitty is the baby whisperer apparently!” Ahlooloo added: “SORCERY!!! magical nonetheless.”

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