Cat yoga offered at Denver Animal Shelter in 2022

In a delightful blend of relaxation and adorable companionship, the Denver Animal Shelter introduced a unique and innovative program in 2022 – cat yoga. This purrfect fusion of yoga and feline interaction aimed to provide a soothing experience for participants while promoting the adoption of shelter cats. Combining the therapeutic benefits of yoga with the undeniable charm of cuddly cats, the shelter created an atmosphere of tranquility and companionship for both humans and feline friends.

The Rise of Cat Yoga:

Cat yoga gained popularity as a distinctive trend that combines the health benefits of yoga with the joy of interacting with cats. It was born out of the understanding that spending time with animals can reduce stress levels, enhance emotional well-being, and create a sense of connection. Recognizing the potential of this concept, the Denver Animal Shelter decided to incorporate it into their program, offering a unique experience for yoga enthusiasts and cat lovers alike.

The Cat Yoga Experience:

The cat yoga sessions at the Denver Animal Shelter provided an opportunity for individuals to practice yoga in a calming environment while enjoying the company of shelter cats. The classes were conducted by experienced yoga instructors who expertly guided participants through gentle stretches, poses, and meditation techniques. The presence of cats added an element of playfulness and relaxation, creating a distinctively enjoyable experience.

During the sessions, cats roamed freely, occasionally joining participants on their mats or curling up beside them. Their gentle purring and affectionate nature brought a soothing ambiance to the yoga practice, allowing participants to connect with their inner selves while basking in the unconditional love of these furry companions.

Benefits for Participants and Cats:

Cat yoga provided a multitude of benefits for both participants and shelter cats. For participants, the presence of cats created a calming atmosphere, reducing stress and anxiety. Interacting with the cats offered a therapeutic experience, promoting relaxation, and boosting overall well-being. The playful and curious nature of cats also brought an element of joy and laughter to the sessions, enhancing the overall yoga experience.

For the shelter cats, cat yoga presented an opportunity to socialize and interact with humans in a stress-free environment. The sessions allowed the cats to showcase their personalities and charm potential adopters. Many participants fell in love with these adorable feline companions, leading to increased adoption rates and providing a path to a loving forever home for the shelter cats.

Promoting Animal Adoption:

Cat yoga at the Denver Animal Shelter not only promoted the physical and mental well-being of participants but also raised awareness about the importance of animal adoption. By offering a unique and enjoyable experience, the shelter encouraged attendees to consider adopting a cat, emphasizing the benefits of providing a forever home to a shelter animal. It created an emotional connection between participants and the cats, inspiring compassion and a desire to make a positive impact on these lovable creatures’ lives.


Cat yoga offered at the Denver Animal Shelter in 2022 brought together the worlds of yoga and feline companionship, creating a haven of relaxation and love. This innovative program provided participants with a unique and enjoyable yoga experience while simultaneously promoting animal adoption and the well-being of shelter cats. By embracing the therapeutic qualities of cats and incorporating them into the practice of yoga, the Denver Animal Shelter showcased the power of compassion, connection, and the profound impact these loving creatures can have on our lives.

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