Fun pet toys for your dog and cat: National Pet Month

May is National Pet Month and many Americans are happy to celebrate their furry family members.

Seventy percent of U.S. households — or 90.5 million — have one or more pets, according to the 2021-2022 National Pet Owners Survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association (APPA). That’s up from 67 percent in 2019, mostly likely because Americans adopted pets in high numbers during the pandemic.

How about picking up some new toys for your dog or cat? Below is a collection of toys to consider adding to your pet’s toy box.

Having a pet can be good for your health. Research shows pets provide social support, stress relief and other physical benefits. Do humans provide the same for pets? It certainly helps if pets have a healthy diet and exercise, as well as toys for mental and physical stimulation.

Enrichment toys challenge your dog or cat and prevent the boredom that causes pet stress. The best enrichment toys for dogs present sound, movement and contents. Dogs particularly enjoy sensory and interactive toys.

Meanwhile, cats – especially indoor cats – need toys to stay fit and relieve boredom. These toys don’t have to be complicated: a cat tunnel, cat treat toy or cat puzzle toy offer hours of entertainment while satisfying natural hunting instincts.

Pet bubbles

Dogs (and kids) love these peanut butter- and bacon-flavored, non-toxic, nut-free bubbles. (Courtesy of Amazon)

Bacon and Peanut Butter Scented Bubbles for Dogs ($24.95): Dogs love to chase bubbles. These give them more reward for catching them. Bubbles dry in the air and land on the ground intact. How fun is that for humans, too!

Rope treat dog toy

Paw-fect for dispensing treats and stimulating your dog’s cognitive abilities. (Courtesy of Chewy)

Dog Treat Dispensing Rope Toy ($17.95): Make your dog work for those treats and keep it entertained at the same time.

Dog puzzle feeder

Keep your curious puppy busy with a puzzle feeder. (Courtesy of Walmart)

Dog Puzzle Feeder/Treat Dispenser ($14.99): Hide small amounts of food under moving pieces. It will teach your dog problem-solving skills and slow down their eating.

Barkbox Scoops

Bark boxes have a different theme every month. (Courtesy of Barkbox)

BarkBox – The Monthly Dog Toy and Treat Box: Barkbox offers themed boxes of toys and treats for your dog each month.

Tennis ball launcher

Anyone can use this to launch tennis balls to entertain your dog. (Courtesy of Petco)

Nerf Tennis Ball Blaster ($29.99): Launch your dog’s favorite fetching tennis ball more than 50 feet skyward. Simply place the barrel on the tennis ball to pick it up “hands-free.”

cat toy

This cat toy comes with replaceable feathers for different effects. (Courtesy of Amazon)

2in1 Interactive Cat Toy ($29.99): Two different ways to play and an automatic shut-off after 10 minutes make this a practical toy for any feline.

Cat condo tree

The stylized cat tree/condo is handcrafted in the United States. (Courtesy of Catsplay)

Cat’s Choice 4-Level Imperial Palace ($159.90, originally $199.99 — plus free shipping): This multilevel cat “tree” is perfect for climbing and lounging. Atop is a large cat condo.

Nerf catnip blaster

Encourage your little hunter to capture their own catnip treats. (Courtesy of Petco)

Nerf Catnip Disc Blaster ($14.99, originally $18.99): This brand-new blaster shoots catnip disks for your kitty to chase.

Flopping fish

The stuffed fish are durable and non-toxic. (Courtesy of Walmart)

Interactive Flopping Fish, 2-pack ($21.99): This plush fish moves to inspire the hunting instinct. Catnip keeps your pet’s attention.

light pointer cat toy

The USB charger in this laser pointer makes batteries unnecessary. (Courtesy of Amazon)

Cat Toy Pointer ($11.99): Your cat will try to climb walls just to chase the point of light.

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