How to Get Rid of Fleas on Cats Naturally? Symptoms and Treatment

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It’s tough to imagine for you that your cat can get fleas on it as it’s an excellent groomer. But there are so many cats living with fleas, so it’s normal for cats to get fleas. Among the different species of flea we can find in the world, the most common flea found in the cat is Ctenocephalides felis simply known as cat flea. They are the tiny parasites which can quickly spread around your home and can harm both of you because it not only bite your cat but also can bite you and can bring skin problem, anemia, infection or itchiness in your cat. So, it’s sure that you want to get rid of fleas on cats naturally. But do you know why fleas live on cats?

Why Fleas Live on Cats?

Fleas especially love the warm and humid environment and need blood to feed itself. As a cat has a warm, furry coat and nourishing blood supply, it’s a perfect home for a flea to live on. Well, both outdoor and indoor cats can get fleas either from you or from other pets or animals. And also if the environment isn’t clean where your cat spends much of its time then it’s possible that your cat can get flea. When fleas get on your cat and feed, it starts to reproduce and lay their eggs in your cat’s fur which also can spread anywhere in your home but it’s not that simple to know that your cat has fleas on it as it’s a tiny parasite.

How to Check For Fleas on Cats?

In most of the cases, it’s hard to find your cat has fleas or not as if it has then also it will be deep down in your cat’s fur and mostly can’t be visible that easily. But don’t worry there are some ways to check for fleas on the cat.

1. Watch out your cat’s grooming

If your cat has got fleas, then it would do excessive grooming than in the normal days and may show an allergic reaction. Your cat may clean her more often to get rid of flea, so during grooming, you may notice the flea.

2. Symptoms like itchy skin and scratching

Fleas bite bring skin problem in a cat which makes them feel the skin itchy and they start to scratch a lot especially around the face.

3. Check out if there is any hair loss

Mostly cats having fleas suffer from hair loss as cats are irritated by the fleas biting which makes them scratch a lot. So you need to look for the patches of hair loss.

4. Be attentive towards cat’s behavior

When your cat is affected by fleas you may notice different behavior of your cat like being restless, shaking head a lot, scratching, or excessive grooming.

5. Comb your cat’s fur daily

To check for fleas on a cat, you can simply comb your cat’s fur daily from flea comb. And if there is any then you will notice it easily by examining the flea comb.

Finally after checking for fleas on a cat and in case if you notice that your cat gets fleas then it’s time to think how to get rid of it from your cat and also from your home without the use of chemicals to prevent the side effects to your cat or your family members. Here are some home remedies to get rid of fleas on cats naturally.

Flea Treatment For A Cat (Home Remedies) 

why do fleas live on cats, how to check for fleas on cat, flea treatment for cats home remedies, how to get rid of fleas on cats naturally

1. Use a flea comb to remove flea

You can use a flea comb several times in a day to your cat and after finishing make sure to dip the comb in hot or soapy water to kill the fleas. And repeat it for several days to get the better result.

2. Give your cat a flea bath

You can simply bath your cat using flea shampoo but most of the cats don’t like bathing so make sure to take the preventive measures before making him a bath.

3. Use of Dish soap

One of the home remedies for flea is to use dish soap. You can create a trap for the flea by putting some mixture of dish soap and warm water in a plate or bowl. Then place in the area where your cat spends most of the time or in the room which receives flea activity the most. You should repeat the same trick daily as it acts as glue for the fleas.

4. Lemon

It’s a natural way of getting rid of fleas through the lemon spray as citric acid is the natural flea killer and one of the effective home remedies. You just need to make lemon juice and spray it in your cat’s fur or you can dip a comb in it and use the same flea comb to comb the hair of your cat but make sure to avoid his ear or eyes and also be attentive if there are any allergies through it. Then if everything is normal repeat it often until the fleas are gone.

5. Salt

Another natural flea home remedy is the use of salt and vacuuming the room. Especially Sprinkle salt in your carpets or mats in each room as salt act as a dehydration agent which helps to get rid of adult fleas. Then, leave it for 1-2 days and vacuum your home but make sure to throw the dirt outside immediately after it.

6. Treat your home

Only giving treatment to a cat for fleas doesn’t help to get rid of it completely, you must treat your home as well. You have to clean your home daily and wash all of the bedding in your home that includes your cat’s bedding as well. After cleaning your home use herbal flea spray or as discussed before you can use a homemade flea spray.

Well, those home remedies for fleas help to get rid of fleas on cats naturally but if in case it’s still not gone completely then you can consult with a veterinarian as soon as possible.

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