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Dr. Cynthia Maro

Dr. Cynthia Maro

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms and pet moms.

Last week, the veterinary community celebrated World Veterinary Day, a day of recognition for the work veterinarians perform in every country on this planet. 

Though the public in the U.S. often thinks about veterinarians as caretakers for pets, the work of veterinarians is more far-reaching, touching the lives of all people, even those who don’t have pets.  

The work of veterinarians impacts: 

  • Zoo animals and endangered species 
  • Marine life and the ecosystems of our fresh and ocean water 
  • Wildlife care and protection 
  • Our entire food chain, and all the foods we consume, including vegan diets 
  • Farm animals and their health and welfare 
  • Pets and companion animals of all species, including fish and exotic pets 
  • Infectious diseases and the prevention of infectious diseases in this country 
  • Epidemiology and studying emerging diseases with the goal of safeguarding human and animal health 
  • Research in pharmaceutical and medical device industries, directly benefiting human health 
  • Prevention of human death through programs to control fatal disease transmission, including Rabies and Lyme disease. 
  • Protection of animals through legal and judicial systems. 

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