How To Train Your Dog at Home? 5 Easy Commands

how to Train your dog at home

Dogs are well known for their loyalty towards their owner and most of us have heard so many heroism acts of dogs but it’s not easy to gain that. It needs lots of effort, love, and affections, and most importantly a basic training for your dog. Similarly, training your dog is the best alternative to instill good habits and build a loving bond with your dog as well as it will help you to make him do things as per your command. Here, I will talk about some tips on how to train your dog at home.

Well, it may seem hard at first especially when it’s your first dog but you can easily train your dog at home by yourself. It’s all about consistency, patience, and positive reinforcement. But you should train the dog step by step starting from come, sit, up, stay, not to bite and attack, only then it will be a success.

How To Train A Dog To Come?

Initially, make sure that the training is in a quiet area and indoors. Then, sit with your dog and say his name or the word “come”. Each time when you say it, give him some cookies or any treat that he likes. After that just repeat the word and give him the treat even he did nothing.

After the repetition of the same word and giving treat, the next step is to drop a treat on a floor near you and as soon as he finishes the treat, say come. If he looks up, give him another treat. Then repeat the same process for sometimes until when you put the treat little far than before still he turns around to face you when you say him to come. Incase if the dog doesn’t look at you, then take it easy don’t force him as it takes time to understand. Instead, you can repeat the same step from the beginning, then slowly add some more interesting movements like putting some treat on the floor and say dog to come.

And right after he finishes the treat call him again showing treat in your hand and when he looks up at you then run. It will be more fun when he chases you for the treat. Likewise, play with him more instantly calling his name or commanding him to come. With the time pass by, he will be familiar with the word “come” and each time you asked him to come, he will come to you even you don’t treat him like before.

How To Train A Dog To Sit?

There are several methods to make your dog understand the word “Sit”. But among them, the easiest way is to wait for the dog to sit and when he sits, say “Yes” and give him treat as a reward. Then step back or go somewhere else to encourage him to stand up and again wait for him to sit. Give him another treat right after he sits. After repeating the same process, you can start saying “Sit” right as he begins to sit then reward him. With the repetition of the same step, he will understand what does sit mean.

If you think waiting for him to sit is a little time consuming then you can also use another method to train. First, get down in front of your dog holding a treat to make him attract toward the treat. Then place the treat just above his nose. To have that treat he will try different ways and when he sat to have it, give him the treat. Repeat the same process for some days, then just put your empty hand on your dog and when he sits, reward him. After understanding your hand signal, just say “Sit” right before you give a hand signal.


how to Train your dog at home

How To Train A Dog To Stay?

When your dog understands the word sit and come, then it will be easy to train him to stay. First make him sit, then just stand a little far from him and say come. When he comes to you, give him a treat. Gradually increase the time to say come and if he stayed in sit for a long time then reward him. In case if he moves before you ask to come then don’t yell at him, it will make him confused.

So just repeat the same process and reward him. When he can stay in sit for several seconds then you can begin to add some distance and place him in a sit and say “Stay”. Then take one step back and again go to the dog and treat him. Continue the same process by increasing time duration and when he keeps staying award him. After the repetition of the same process, he will stay when you command to stay. Another way to train your dog at home is:

How To Train A Dog Not To Bite?

Naturally, dogs can bite. Still, we can train a dog not to bite but we shouldn’t use any method that the dog will feel uncomfortable and insecure. We can train dogs to prevent biting through proper socialization, understanding dog body language, and building up a dog’s confidence.

Simply we can take the dog for a walk and make him familiar with many places, people, and situations. It will help the dog to overcome fear and decrease biting. Similarly, we should give attention to his body language. Behavior like bared teeth, raised hackles,

lowered head or ear lying flat against the head, all are the sign that he is uncomfortable and more possible that he will bite. So make him comfortable as much as possible if not then when he shows such behavior keep a distance from others so that he won’t bite.

How To Train A Dog To Attack?

Nowadays it’s not safe even at home. So training a dog to attack is the best way to guard your home as well as protect you from those who threaten you or harm you. There are some steps to train the dog to attack.

First, you need to wear some protective gloves that cover your hand and your entire arm. And most importantly make sure that your dog understands the basic commands like sit, stand, come, etc. Then start the training if he understands the basic commands. Try to irritate your dog by taping in his face with your gloved arm. Try it repeatedly until he attacks the gloves in anger. When he attacks, say

the word “attack” in loud voice. Then repeat the same process and if needed award him for being good. After days passed by he will understand the word “attack”. To be sure try with another person whom your dog hasn’t seen and say attack. If he runs towards him you better stop your dog as he will attack that person or before saying it you can take some preventive measures. Well, the good news is he learned the word attack.

Last but not least, while train your dog at home you must be patient as nothing can be achieved so easily. And just use positive reinforcement while training as it is more effective than giving punishment.

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