Hundreds Turn Up For Flagler Beach’s 1st ‘Hang 8’ Dog-Surfing Contest, Putting Event on Map

Flagler Beach, a picturesque coastal town known for its sandy shores and vibrant surf culture, recently made waves in the dog-loving community with its inaugural ‘Hang 8’ dog-surfing contest. This unique event saw hundreds of participants and spectators flock to the shores, putting Flagler Beach firmly on the map as a top destination for dog owners and surfing enthusiasts alike.

The Birth of ‘Hang 8’:

Inspired by the rich history of surfing in Flagler Beach and the growing popularity of dog-surfing competitions worldwide, local surfers and dog enthusiasts joined forces to create a one-of-a-kind event. The idea behind ‘Hang 8’ was to combine the thrill of surfing with the companionship and talent of man’s best friend, resulting in an entertaining and heartwarming spectacle that would capture the attention of the community and beyond.

A Day of Fun and Adventure:

On the sun-drenched morning of the contest, the Flagler Beach shoreline was transformed into a vibrant hub of excitement. Dog owners and their four-legged companions eagerly gathered to showcase their skills and bond through the sport of surfing. With a range of dog sizes and breeds in attendance, the event celebrated the diversity of our furry friends and their ability to conquer the waves.

(Linda Santoro)

Expert judges, consisting of professional surfers and local canine enthusiasts, carefully evaluated the dogs’ performances, considering factors such as balance, confidence, and style. Each dog-surfing duo was given the opportunity to impress the crowd with their unique tricks and maneuvers, leading to a series of heart-stopping moments and awe-inspiring displays of talent.

Community Unity:

What truly made the ‘Hang 8’ dog-surfing contest remarkable was the sense of unity it fostered within the community. Families and friends gathered on the beach, cheering for their favorite canine competitors and applauding the incredible bond between dogs and their owners. The event created an atmosphere of camaraderie, where strangers became friends, and the love for animals and the ocean served as a common thread.

In addition to the dog-surfing action, various vendors set up stalls along the beach, offering delicious food, pet-friendly products, and educational resources on responsible pet ownership and ocean conservation. The event not only showcased the athleticism and agility of the participating dogs but also promoted awareness about animal welfare and the preservation of our coastal ecosystems.

Flagler Beach’s Future in Dog-Surfing:

With the resounding success of the first ‘Hang 8’ dog-surfing contest, Flagler Beach has firmly established itself as a premier destination for dog owners seeking thrilling water activities and an inclusive community atmosphere. The event has ignited a passion for dog-surfing in the region, with locals and visitors eagerly anticipating future editions of this unique competition.

The ‘Hang 8’ dog-surfing contest has also sparked interest from sponsors and organizations dedicated to promoting animal welfare and supporting canine sporting events. This newfound attention and investment will undoubtedly contribute to the growth of dog-surfing in Flagler Beach, attracting more participants, spectators, and media coverage in the years to come.


Flagler Beach’s first ‘Hang 8’ dog-surfing contest has not only celebrated the incredible bond between dogs and their owners but also put the town on the map as a hub for unique and exciting water-based activities. The event brought together the community in a celebration of canine athleticism, companionship, and the beauty of the ocean. As the waves continue to roll onto the shores of Flagler Beach, the future of dog-surfing looks bright, promising more unforgettable moments and an enduring legacy for this coastal gem.

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