Miranda Lambert to be celeb judge on World’s Cutest Rescue Dog Contest

Every year for the past five years, and this will be the sixth (annual), PEOPLE has been holding a World’s Cutest Rescue Dog Contest to celebrate and bring awareness to adopting rescue dogs!

This year, acclaimed country singer, Miranda Lambert, will join as a celebrity judge!

How will Miranda Lambert do as a celeb judge for the World’s Cutest Rescue Dog Contest?

I didn’t even know this, but Ms. Lambert is the co-founder of MuttNation Foundation. In case you didn’t know this already, here’s just a little bit about what the organization does so wonderfully:

“The mission of MuttNation Foundation is to promote and facilitate the adoption of shelter pets, encourage spay & neuter for all pets, and educate the public about the importance and beneficial impact of these actions.”

Throughout many venues, including her concerts and even some things being run by her fans, there are so many different ways to hear about and donate to such an amazing cause!

Okay, back to the annual contest now!

Up until August 4th, 2023, submission can be made to enter your dog into the World’s Cutest Rescue Dog Contest judged by Miranda Lambert! All shapes, sizes, ages, genders, and breeds are encouraged to enter to see if they have what it takes to win the grand prize. After submission time closes, editors and other members over at PEOPLE will make the difficult decision to narrow it down to only 10 furry friends to become the 6th year finalists. Personally, I wouldn’t want to have to make this choice – I’d want them all to be finalists and ultimately all to win as well!

Miranda Lambert is such a great choice to be the celeb judge this year because of all of the hard and heartwarming work that she does for the love of all animals. Her non-profit MuttNation Foundation has raised over $8 million for various doggy-related causes. Some of the most important work that she does is raising awareness and teaching people how to be responsible pet parents.

The official winner of this adorable contest will be announced in October and guess what? It could be your adopted dog! And of course, if you have more than one dog, then go ahead and enter them right on in too! The more the merrier if you ask me (and probably Miranda too)!

Go to this website right over here to submit your pup’s photos and share their adoption story!

Also, go to PEOPLE.com to see last year’s adorable and super smiley winner!

That’s a wrap! I cannot wait to see who the winner of this super adorable contest will be! Will it be your dog? If you’ve got any questions regarding submissions, which are due in just over a week now, be sure to use their FAQ page and go to any of the above links for even more info! Good luck to everyone and Woof, Woof to all of the adorable pups out there reading this!

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