Is Munchkin Cat A Good Pet? | Health, Lifespan and Facts

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Munchkin is well known for its personality despite being a small cat breed. They are very energetic and playful. Also, they are sweet, outgoing, curious, and sociable that enjoy the company of people. As well as they are intelligent and can be taught to obey the command. And what’s more, you want in cat to be a good pet? So, the Munchkin cat is a perfect choice for a good pet and the best companion with an adorable kitten-like look.

Why is It Famous For?

Munchkin cat breeds are famous for being the smallest cat breeds that always stay like a kitten. Lilieput, a Munchkin cat from Nepa, California, was named as the shortest statured living cat in the world by Guinness World Records in 2014 which stands 5.25 inches tall. Whereas, Munchkins have appeared in various media that include the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz and many other films. All those have been possible because of its unique physique, adorable or cute looks, and interactive behavior. Also, they are very intelligent that they can learn tricks and solve the puzzle so easily.


Munchkin having a short leg is not because of human selective breeding but it’s due to naturally occurring genes. Well, there were several generations of short-legged cat breeds but it disappeared during World War II.
After many years, Sandra Hochenedel discovered a short-legged cat in Louisiana and gave name Blackberry. And the cat gave birth to half long-legged and half short-legged kittens. Then Sandra Hochenedel gave one of the male short-legged kitten named Tolouce to Kay La France. After that Munchkin cat was discovered because of Blackberry and Tolouce’s litter. And it was officially recognized as a breed by International Cat Association in 1994.

Physical Attributes

1. Body

Munchkin cats are a medium-sized cat breed with short legs. They have a thick body with a well-rounded chest and also have an all-weather coat either short-haired or long-haired with a silky appearance. Similarly, they have sensitive skin and need regular grooming with proper care.

2. Size

They are mostly found in the size of about foot and half long length and 6 to 9 pounds weight.

3. Ears

The ears of Munchkin cat are triangular-shaped which is not flaring but always alert.

4. Eyes

Munchkin has walnut-shaped eyes and the color of the eye is different from its coat color.

5. Color

Munchkin can be found in any color and pattern including Siamese patterns.


Generally, Munchkin cats are healthy than other breeds. Though they are short-legged, there haven’t been any genetic issues but still, it should be taken care of with proper attention and a healthy diet should be given to prevent other health problems. Their average life span is mostly 12 to 15 years but can be shorter or longer depending upon the care and diet given to it.

Well, as Munchkin Cats breed are playful, loving, and sociable, giving it some proper training and attention can make them a good pet for you.

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