MySimplePetLab’s First Aid Care Dog Kit is Now Available in Target Stores Nationwide and Offering Free Virtual Veterinary Advice with Purchase

Keeping your pet healthy from home just got easier and more accessible. 

MINNEAPOLIS, Aug. 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — MySimplePetLab, the leader in pet wellness made simple, expanded its reach by launching pet care products on earlier this summer and is now available in Target stores nationwide. MySimplePetLab’s First Aid Care Dog Kit with Free Virtual Vet Advice is only available at Target, providing pet parents with peace of mind and comprehensive care for their favorite companions.

An estimated 75 million pets will not have access to the veterinary care they need by 2030 and MySimplePetLab is on a mission to change that. The veterinarian approved First Aid Care Dog Kit is designed to address wounds, cuts, and minor injuries; offering just-in-time relief when pets and pet parents need it most, whether at home or for pet parents who require support while traveling.

Recognizing the increasing humanization of pets, the desire for more information and better care options, the MySimplePetLab team has reimagined pet care from home. The Dog Care Kits provide a holistic approach to treating acute issues by combining multiple products along with a vet approved Care Guide that takes pet parents through each product’s usage in simple, easy-to-understand language. MySimplePetLab Care Kits are intended to help support your pet until you can get in to see your veterinarian.

The vet approved First Aid Care Dog Kit is a standout among the brand’s diverse range of Care Kits. These kits contain high-quality and efficacious vet approved products, aligning with MySimplePetLab’s commitment to providing all pets with access to superior care from home. Target shoppers will also enjoy a unique benefit, as each First Aid Care Kit purchase includes FREE Virtual Vet Advice.

The FREE virtual vet advice offers guidance on first aid care and general triage. Kits also enable pet parents to register and AutoShare kit contents with their veterinarian, as well as provide additional pet care education tools.

We are really excited to be growing with Target as we build the pet wellness category,” said Jen Hagness, CEO & President of MySimplePetLab. “Our unique First Aid Care Dog Kit + Free Virtual Vet Advice will really allow pet parents to support their pet when they need it most at the first sign of wounds, cuts, or minor injury.”

Dr. Dennis Chmiel, Co-Founder at MySimplePetLab, added, “It has been an exciting journey to develop high-quality, vet approved products that benefit both veterinarians and pet parents. I am thrilled to empower and educate pet parents with products that address their most common pet concerns, such as diarrhea, sore ears, itchy skin, and minor cuts and injuries.”

MySimplePetLab introduced eight new pet wellness products across the Test and Care categories on earlier this summer. Designed by vets for pets, these products include home testing kits for digestive issues, skin and itch, and ear infections for both dogs and cats. The vet approved test kits offer simple account activation, all the necessary tools for proper sample collection, and prepaid postage, ensuring fast and reliable results. Results are AutoShared with pet parents and their veterinarians via email within days. Additionally, their Dog Care Kits, packaged in reusable purple zip-up storage cases, offer convenience, and include supplies for addressing tummy troubles, sore ears, itchy skin, and other common concerns. The First Aid Kit, part of the care kit range, will be hitting Target shelves this fall.

The omni-channel retail partnership with Target comes after MySimplePetLab went through Target Takeoff Pet, a comprehensive six-week program with Target designed to thoughtfully prepare small businesses to scale their brands for long term success on mass retail shelves.

About MySimplePetLab

MySimplePetLab is leading the industry with their tech focused pet wellness company that provides simple, fast and reliable support for pet health routines through insightful lab tests from home, vet approved care kits, and products that support a full spectrum of pet health.

MySimplePetLab was founded in 2019 when Co-Founders and DVM’s Nancy Willerton and Dennis Chmiel took inspiration from their belief that everyone deserves access to high quality pet care. Together they started MySimplePetLab to make pet testing affordable and convenient for all.

MySimplePetLab has been recognized for its innovation and positive impact on the pet care industry through accolades such as Target Takeoff Accelerator 2022 and Purina Petcare Pet Innovation, Grand Prize Award Winner 2021.

About Target Takeoff

Target Takeoff Pet is a comprehensive six-week program designed to thoughtfully prepare small businesses to scale their brands for long-term success on mass-retail shelves. The program is designed to help brands prepare for long-term success on mass retail shelves with an actionable, curated curriculum designed to facilitate an understanding of key elements for growth. Additionally, Target Takeoff Pet helps participating brands solidify their brand identity through branding and marketing, all while providing access to industry-disrupting founders, peers, and Target team members.

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