Pet Grooming Dangers, Utah Family Now Faces $5k Medical Bill

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – It took years for Bailee Sunday to convince her parents she could handle having a dog. They agreed to get her Zeus on the condition that he would be her responsibility. 

“I just wanted, you know, somebody to play with a lot and I don’t know, somebody to cuddle with,” said Bailee. 

Her dad Dennis said she’s done a great job taking care of her Zeus, but shortly after Zeus went to the groomer, she noticed a cut on his genitals. 

“It started acting up and it got swollen and inflamed,” said Bailee. 

Angela Murdock owns Meowser Pet Salon. She is also a part of the Utah Professional Pet Groomers Association. She said there is some oversight for pet groomers, but it’s limited. 

“Animal control has to visit salons and make sure that there’s appropriate sized cages, backflow valves on our tubs, and that everything is humane within the facility,” said Murdock. 

That visit happens right before a groomer opens their business, after that, there’s nothing. That’s why Cierra Nystrom with All Pet Grooming said it is so important pet owners do their research. 

“Seeing if they’re working on continuing education and if they hold any certificates, see if they have their First Aid and pet CPR training,” said Nystrom. 

Zeus has had to wear a cone for weeks, while his family worked to find a solution. 

“The doctor told her it was either an operation or we’re going to have to put him down. That really broke her heart,” said Sunday. 

The specialist told Bailee it will cost up to $5,000 to save Zeus’s life. Bailee and her father hope by sharing their story, they help stop this from happening to another family. 

Bailee has set up a GoFundMe to try and raise funds to pay for Zeus’s surgery. For more on how you can help Bailee and Zeus, click here.

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May feed update: What did you miss?

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