These 5 Interactive Dog Toys Are All Under $16 at Amazon

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If there’s one thing most dog parents can agree on, it’s finding toys and activities that will tire out their dogs and keep them busy for longer. A good game of fetch can work wonders, but there are plenty of times when you want them to be entertained on their own so you have time to yourself. 

A wave of products has risen to meet this need, with a variety of engaging, interactive dog toys available at Amazon Each is designed to mentally stimulate your dog, keep them occupied, and ultimately tire them out. 

Pet experts agree on the benefits of interactive toys and food puzzles for dogs. They stimulate a dog’s natural instincts to forage and hunt for their food. As Animal Wellness Magazine notes: “Our dogs’ ancestors weren’t fed out of bowls.” Giving them unique toys and puzzles to solve to get treats lets them engage their senses, activate problem solving skills, and even alleviate stress. 

After using an interactive toy, they’ve also mentally exhausted themselves and are ready for a nice nap. Plus, if your dog is prone to eating way too quickly and making themselves sick, slow-feeding puzzles and toys also solve that problem.  

Ready to explore the benefits for yourself? We’ve rounded up five top picks at Amazon for interactive dog toys — and prices are no greater than $16. 

Treat puzzles are a particularly popular style of interactive dog toys. Hide your dog’s kibble or treats in the hidden compartments and let them sniff to figure out how to reveal each treat. There are a variety of difficulty levels and sizes out there, but this Yoboeew Treat Puzzle is a great starter pick with tons of treat hiding spots (that one reviewer called “excellent engagement for bored or under-challenged dogs”). We also love this multi-tier style for a little extra challenge. The interlocking levels mean dogs have to spin the platforms before nudging out the treat covers to grab their rewards.  

If you have an energetic puppy tearing through your house this summer, Nylabone’s freezable puppy chew toy is a great pick that’s soft enough for teething puppies. Plus, the toy can be tossed in the freezer and chilled to cool them down on hot days. The bone even has color-changing features so you can tell when it’s frozen.

Lick mats are universally loved by all dogs, and this two-pack (complete with a spreading tool) is a great option, especially for multiple-dog households. Spread any dog-safe food — peanut butter or plain yogurt are great, but so are liquid baby foods to help get their veggies in — across the surface and let them lick to their heart’s content. To make the fun last even longer, spread on the food, then freeze the mat before you give it to your dog. Frozen food will take much longer for them to lick clean.

And if you still want other options for slowing down your dog’s meals or getting their mind working overtime, a snuffle mat tends to be a huge hit too. Sprinkle dry food into the mat — just be sure to spread it between each fabric strip and they’ll have to dig to find every piece. One reviewer with a super-fast eater tried this mat and said: “It’s brought peace to my house!” 

Keep scrolling to check out  all our budget-friendly interactive toy picks from Amazon below. 

Buy It! Onfsevy Dog Enrichment Treat Puzzle, $10.29 with coupon (orig. $14.29);

Buy It! Yoboeew Interactive Puzzle Dog Toy for Stimulation, $13.43 with coupon (orig. $16.99);

Buy It! Nylabone Puppy Chew Freezer Dog Toy, Lamb & Apple flavor, $9.79 (orig. $13.39);

Buy It! Pet Arena Adjustable Snuffle Mat, $15.99 (orig. $24.99);

Buy It! Ciicii Lick Mat 2-Pack, $12.58 with coupon (orig. $14.98);

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