Why does my dog stare at me? It’s just another way they communicate.

  • Dogs stare at their owners to send a message.
  • You can observe your dog’s behavior to learn what their staring, in that moment, means.
  • Canine staring can be threatening, though, as it is a trait passed down by wolves.

Dogs may be man’s best friend, but owners aren’t always sure what their pet is trying to tell them. You may have seen your dog staring at you from across the room or right next to you, but you can’t figure out what this means. 

New pet owners may struggle to comprehend what their pet is trying to tell them, as will owners who have bonded with their pups for years. While your dog’s behavior can be self-explanatory, they may be staring for a seemingly random reason that you’re itching to decipher.

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Why does my dog stare at me?

Dogs stare at their owners to communicate with them, the American Kennel Club says. They may be asking for something, trying to send you a message or seeing if you’re going to do something that involves them.

When your dog is staring at you when you’re eating dinner, then they’re very likely asking for some of your food. 

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